Cognac + Coffee (Hand-scooped Chocolate)

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Coffee Couverture filled with cognac cream - contains alcohol The French Cognac fills the dark chocolate ganache with a rounded and intense - taste. And because the Cognac has a finish with notes of roasted coffee, the coa ting of this creation fittingly consists of coffee chocolate. This is, of course, because at Zotter´s coffee is also roasted at the in-house roasting facility. The Arabica coffee beans for the Zotter coffee mixture have travelled from the Mexican and Columbian highlands.

Please note: These hand-scooped, filled chocolate bars contain fresh fillings. They don't need to be refrigerated, but the shelf life is limited. We guarantee a best-before date stamp of at least 2 months at arrival at your location. It can be more - 2 Months is just the minimum.