Restore Jewelry Cleaner

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Designed to renew and refresh your jewelry, Restore Jewelry Cleaner is a gentle combination of liquid cleanser and a polishing cloth. This dynamic duo is safe for daily use on all of your favorite pieces, so you can bring back that “love at first sight” feeling and fall for your favorite Made By Mary pieces all over again. Restore the beauty and brilliance of your jewelry so your story can shine through.  This customized set includes: • Polishing Cloth 6 in. x 8 in. (15cm. x 20cm.) • Restore Jewelry Cleaner 6 fl. oz. (117 ml) *cleaner also includes dip tray and cleansing brush tool   How To Use: Jewelry Cleaner Place one piece of jewelry at a time in the dip tray and lower it into the cleaning solution for up to two minutes.